Grand National Sweepstake Kit 2011

The Grand National sweepstake kit is now ready for 2011. The final 40 runners and riders have been declared for Saturday’s Grand National, 4.15pm and we are ready to go. Download and print your free Grand National sweepstake kit courtesy of Grand National Guide.

Just open the sweepstake kit page, print it out and cut out the runners. Then randomly draw each horse and insert names in the table on the second page, to keep a record of who has which horse.

Perhaps charge £2 to pick a horse, making a £80 pot. I would suggest that 1st place takes home £50, 2nd place £15, 3rd place £10 and 4th place £5. Please let us know how you get on.

Download Sweepstake Kit or pdf version

Please like our facebook sweepstake page where we will announce any changes to the kit such as non-runners.

The four reserves for the John Smith’s Grand National have been announced, connections have until 9am on Friday to get into the race. eg. other non-runners

Reserve 1: Always Waining
Reserve 2: Faasel
Reserve 3: Le Beau Bai
Reserve 4: Giles Cross

Download the free grand national sweep stake kit from Grand National Sweepstake or Grand National Sweepstake

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